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  • 22/11/2022 - Dimobi Children Disability Trust 0 Comments

    We have been funded by the Manchester City Council to deliver this unique and vital new additional support aimed at making accommodations safer for victims and survivors of Domestic Abuses. This is in addition to the support services that we already offer through our sister organisation known as Dimobi Women's Trust but the difference, is that unlike the name might have suggusred, our Domestic Abuse support services especially, this one funded by the Manchester City Council extends the safe support offer to both male and femal victims and survivors of Domestic Abuse. 

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  • 22/09/2022 - Dimobi Children Disability Trust 0 Comments

    The Founder of Dimobi Children Disability Trust attended the service of Thanksgiving for Her Majesty The Queen  in the presence of The Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, The High Sheriff of Greater Manchester and The Lord Mayor of Manchester at the Manchester Cathedral.

    The streets of central Manchester were unusually quiet on Monday as the city came to terms with the death of Queen Elizabeth II. People expressed sadness, with many saying they were surprised at how much the news had affected them.

    The Queen has been there for the people of Manchester in our greatest moments – such as the opening of the BBC’s base at Media City in Salford and in our darkest days such as the 2017 arena attack when she came to comfort survivors. Queen Elizabeth II has been a passionate patron of over hundreds of charities. Helping to change the lives of millions in the United Kingdom through her work with these organisations. She had so much warmth and we will remember her very fondly.

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  • 12/09/2022 - DIMOBI CHILDREN DISABILITY TRUST 0 Comments

    At Dimobi Children Disability trust, we love going to different places for recreational purposes. There are many places that we visited and plan to visit to enjoy with the children/young people and their families and friends. This gives them a great chance for relaxation from their daily monotonous routines. Visiting the Blackpool Zoo was one of such great example, a great place for education in conversation, reconnection to nature, recreation and means of fun and enjoyment for our children, young people and their carers/parents alike.

    The children and young people are some times, asked to write about animals or zoos based on pictures on books but with a visit such as we organised to the Blackpool Zoo, their experiences on such activities becomes very strong and vivid as they were able to recall based on their first hand accounts things they saw and what happened and the lives of the animals. It is difficult for the children and young people to write their experiences of a place they have never been to in an essay or any other form.

    The Blackpool Zoo is such a place that provided them with an opportunity to observing different types of animals, including birds, and fishes at one place. These animals, birds, and fishes were kept at different places in an attempt to recreate their own habitats in a zoo. Dimobi Children Disability Trust funded over 30 children and their carers/parents to visit the Blackpool Zoo.

    We have often planed on go going to different places but we were not able to go due to lack of resources, but we were able to make it happen this summer, thanks to the support from our partners MCRactive, Manchester City Council's #HAF2022 #2022ouryear (Summer Activities). We were overjoyed to see the smiles on the faces of our children, young people and their carers/parents, many of whom testified of never been to Blackpool Zoo and never could have if not for the opportunity our group trip provided.

    Such statements and the joy of all that attended that trip brought us a huge satisfaction, as a lot of efforts were put into planning and executing that trip to such a success that it became. We thank all our staff and volunteers for their huge support. 

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  • 12/09/2022 - DIMOBI CHILDREN DISABILITY TRUST 0 Comments

    Dimobi Childildren Disability Trust is deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We send our condolence to her family and everyone who is mourning, we mourn with you.

    Queen Elizabeth II has been a passionate patron of over hundreds of charities. Helping to change the lives of millions in the United Kingdom through her work with these organizations.

    After 72 years of reign, the Queens reign has come to an end with everyone singing praise, being very grateful to her selfless and exemplary leadership service, stability and been the only one unifying constance in Britain, the Commonwealth and other countries of the world. Likewise, we all are grieving and mourning her passing, her reign will go down in history not just as one of the longest but mostly loved, admired and cherished all around the world.

    Our prayers and thoughts are with her family and all those affected all over the world.

    Rest in peace Your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

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  • 25/08/2022 - Dimobi Children Disability Trust 0 Comments

    Our amazing and life changing Dimobi Parents Forum will be restarting in September and would run on every Tuesday of the week, offering a wonderful safe space for carers/parents to discuss in a peer-to-peer co-producing and co-supporting approach in sharing best practice and toolkits towards ensuring that no parent feels totally isolated and struggling with any child/children or young person with special needs just on their own without knowing what works or what does not work in supporting the children living with disabilities.

    At our Dimobi Parents' Forum, our amazing parents/carers talk honestly through their daily lived and living experiences with others and the information shared have been found to be most helpful to others to better support their own too. It is all about Parenting Positively!!

    Date: Tuesdays

    Time: 10am - 12:30pm.

    Venue: 118 Riverpark Trading Estate, Riverpark Road, Newton Heath, Manchester. M40 2XP.

    For further information, contact us on 07449855028.

    Funded by One Manchester.

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  • 25/08/2022 - Dimobi 0 Comments

    On Tuesday the 23rd of August 2022, Team Dimobi Children Disability Trust were fully represented at The Monastry in Gorton, Manchester where we recived with great honour, privilege and humility Her Majesty the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service 2022 amongst other worthy recipients. Congratulations to all our Amazing Volunteers and all who have supported us from day one till date, without you it would not have been possible.

    A rare achievement for an organisation that is just 6 years old. We promise to continue to create positive impact in lives of the most vulnerable in our communities especially, those young people living with disabilities and their families.

    They say that, "reward for hard work is more work" and  at Dimobi we embrace that ethos and principle. We would continue to work hard for children living with disabilities and their families to ensure continued better outcome and to enable them live their dreams.

    We are ever so grateful to her Majesty and her team of trsuted public servants for their due dilligience, hard work and finding us worthy of such highly esteemed honour. Also, we are energized and encouraged by such to continue to create awareness about the devasteting impacts of denial by most carers/parents of children living with disabilities, they social stigma facing some of our families and are determined to fight all negative cultural and religious beliefs and errorneous perceptions people with disabilities face within our communities, as we continue to work with all stakeholders to create a better society for all.

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  • 08/08/2022 - Dimobi Children Disability Trust 0 Comments

    At Dimobi Children Disability Trust, we have continued to work with our sister charity the Dimobi Women's Trust to campaign against all forms of domestic violence as we thrive to support the victims especially, those with young persons living with disabilities.

    It is heart renching that some carers and parents who are main carers of young people living with disabilities are having to endure domestic abuse as if, their lives as main carers those amazing young people is not challenging enough.

    Experience has shown us that most of the victims are often isolated due to their challenging caring roles, traditional cultural practices, religious beliefs, poor or lack of education, digital and financial illiteracy and often, do not even recognise that they are been abused or are in an abusive domestic situations.

    It might surprise you to know that there are men who are facing domestic violence too and these victims often, find it very difficult to open up. But help is at hand for anyone facing domestic abuse of any kind in respective of gender, identity or background. We advocate for them and campaign for zero tolerance to any forms of abuse especially, domestic abuses.

    If you are affected by the topic or would like a confidential chat, just call our hotline on 01619375332 or 07449855028.

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  • 08/08/2022 - Dimobi Children Disability Trust 0 Comments
    Dimobi Relief Food Support 2022

    We are most grateful to the generosity of the Lottery Community Fund for their support in helping us to extend our food relief support to many in our communities who are struggling the cost living crisis and many of whom have children living with disabilities.

    As many people are continually been forced to make the most difficult choice between eating and heating, the food relief program comes as a handy in assisting those mostly effected by the rising high cost of living and struggling to put food on the table as our communities are one of the most deprived and hardest hit.


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  • 08/08/2022 - Dimobi Children Disability Trust 0 Comments

    Our Talking Transition is an open event is aimed at bringing the carers, parents of children and young people with special needs together to meet with all stakeholders and key players in the education of their young people to interact and share useful information to ensure that transition does not become a hinderance or too daunting a task or source of anxiety for both the carers/parents and their young people.

    Date: 8th of August, 2022.

    Time: 10am - 12pm prompt.

    This event would be taking place at our Dimobi Children Disability Trust's office, 1st Floor, RiverPark Trading Estate, Riverpark Road, Newton Heath, Manchester. M40 2XP.


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  • 30/06/2022 - Dimobi 0 Comments

    Physical activity is important for children It also helps them to maintain a healthy, as well as having a positive impact on mental health and overall quality of life. For young people, physical activity can encourage equality, inclusivity, and fun, that is why Dimobi has organised another fun activity for children with disability and their siblings during the long summer vacation. Children should be between 6 years to 16 years old and place must be pre-booked. Dimobi also has a one-day trip to Blackpool, parent must book for a spot and participant must be on benefit.

    Find more details on our flyer on our various social media platforms

    Note: only 30 children will go on this trip

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  • 23/06/2022 - Dimobi 0 Comments

    Recognising the importance of children activities  every day is more important than ever.This theme highlights the importance of giving children plenty opportunities to play and have fun with friends and learn new skills and meet new friends.


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  • 22/06/2022 - Dimobi 1 Comment

    We are so greatful that Dimobi Children Disability Trust won The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service!

    The Queen's Award For Voluntary Service is the highest award given to local volunteer groups across the UK ro recognise outstanding work done in their own communities. We are so for the recognition. It's an honour.

    We thank all our volunteers and everyone for the massive support.

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  • Dimobi Volunteers
    08/12/2020 - Dimobi 0 Comments
    Volunteers Needed to Support Our Work

    Dimobi is a fast growing charity in North Manchester and we are looking for committed volunteers to support our work.

    During the pandemic we have been actively engaged in assisting families with children with disabilities through

    Dimobi covid-19 food relief. We have been out on the ground delivering food parcels and also attending to phone 

    calls through our Helpline from our office.

    We need Volunteers to assist with the following

    • Packing and distributing food parcels to families
    • Answering phone calls from our Helpline
    • Social Media 
    • Story writing of our activities

    For more information on how you can get involved - contact us on 01619375332 / 01612307275

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  • Dimobi Volunteers
    08/12/2020 - Dimobi 0 Comments
    Dimobi Volunteers Supporting Families During the Pandemic

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, Dimobi Children Disability Trust has played a vital role in supporting families with children
    with disabilities that are affected by the pandemic in North Manchester. We have distributed over 6.000 food parcels to families in areas
    such as Newton Heath, Clayton, Openshaw, Moston, Miles platting, Crumpsall, Harpurhey, Blackley, Ancoats, Failsworth and Charlestown.

    Dimobi is a charity that supports families and parents with children with Disabilities and it was founded by Sherita Mandongwe in 2016. 

    Dimobi has been an important platform for parents with children with disabilities - it has given many parents a voice. Over the years, the 

    charity has conducted a lot of community activities, from organising parents forums , children outings and now during the pandemic Dimobi 

    continues to engage families through online Children activities such as Makaton Sing and Sign Workshop through Zoom.

    Dimobi parent forums has  been a great engagement and networking space for families and parents with children with disabilities - allowing
    them to engage with one another and share experiences that can help them manage their children as many face various difficulty scenarios. 

    In this forum’s parents have also been able to do training conducted by various professional bodies including government agencies to equip them

    on how they can manage to effectively care for their children.

    A lot parents with children with disabilities go through a lot of challenges that, in most cases result  in many been abused, bullied,  even by their own

    members of the family - resulting to many living in denial and some even facing stigma in the society as no one understands them better. Our founder 

    Sherita Mandongwe has two children with disabilities and her own experience and story has encouraged many parents to speak up and challenge the 

    system whenever necessary for the betterment of the society.

    Since the lockdown, Dimobi has been receiving an increased number of calls and referrals for food support, many families are finding it difficult during this time.
    Our volunteers have been working hard to make sure that no family is left stranded alone. We have coordinated numerous food parcels a cross north Manchester.

    Call for More Funding and Support

    We are still calling out for more funding and support so we can assist many families in Greater Manchester, although we are mainly focusing on North Manchester
    we receive calls from the entire Greater Manchester and more funding can enable us meet the demand.

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  • Dimobi Covid-19 Food Relief Support
    08/12/2020 - Dimobi 0 Comments
    Dimobi has been Featured in Forever Manchester Calendar

    We are glad to announce that we have been featured in Forever Manchester Calendar. Thanks to our volunteers for the hard work and 

    we owe this to your endless support.

    Forever Manchester is a  charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester and they  believe

    that connected communities make stronger, happier communities. They have been avital partner to Dimobi as they have given us funding to

    support our activities with North Manchester.

    To read the article click the link below

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