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  • Dimobi Volunteers
    08/12/2020 - Dimobi 0 Comments
    Volunteers Needed to Support Our Work

    Dimobi is a fast growing charity in North Manchester and we are looking for committed volunteers to support our work.

    During the pandemic we have been actively engaged in assisting families with children with disabilities through

    Dimobi covid-19 food relief. We have been out on the ground delivering food parcels and also attending to phone 

    calls through our Helpline from our office.

    We need Volunteers to assist with the following

    • Packing and distributing food parcels to families
    • Answering phone calls from our Helpline
    • Social Media 
    • Story writing of our activities

    For more information on how you can get involved - contact us on 01619375332 / 01612307275

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  • Dimobi Volunteers
    08/12/2020 - Dimobi 0 Comments
    Dimobi Volunteers Supporting Families During the Pandemic

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, Dimobi Children Disability Trust has played a vital role in supporting families with children
    with disabilities that are affected by the pandemic in North Manchester. We have distributed over 6.000 food parcels to families in areas
    such as Newton Heath, Clayton, Openshaw, Moston, Miles platting, Crumpsall, Harpurhey, Blackley, Ancoats, Failsworth and Charlestown.

    Dimobi is a charity that supports families and parents with children with Disabilities and it was founded by Sherita Mandongwe in 2016. 

    Dimobi has been an important platform for parents with children with disabilities - it has given many parents a voice. Over the years, the 

    charity has conducted a lot of community activities, from organising parents forums , children outings and now during the pandemic Dimobi 

    continues to engage families through online Children activities such as Makaton Sing and Sign Workshop through Zoom.

    Dimobi parent forums has  been a great engagement and networking space for families and parents with children with disabilities - allowing
    them to engage with one another and share experiences that can help them manage their children as many face various difficulty scenarios. 

    In this forum’s parents have also been able to do training conducted by various professional bodies including government agencies to equip them

    on how they can manage to effectively care for their children.

    A lot parents with children with disabilities go through a lot of challenges that, in most cases result  in many been abused, bullied,  even by their own

    members of the family - resulting to many living in denial and some even facing stigma in the society as no one understands them better. Our founder 

    Sherita Mandongwe has two children with disabilities and her own experience and story has encouraged many parents to speak up and challenge the 

    system whenever necessary for the betterment of the society.

    Since the lockdown, Dimobi has been receiving an increased number of calls and referrals for food support, many families are finding it difficult during this time.
    Our volunteers have been working hard to make sure that no family is left stranded alone. We have coordinated numerous food parcels a cross north Manchester.

    Call for More Funding and Support

    We are still calling out for more funding and support so we can assist many families in Greater Manchester, although we are mainly focusing on North Manchester
    we receive calls from the entire Greater Manchester and more funding can enable us meet the demand.

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  • Dimobi Covid-19 Food Relief Support
    08/12/2020 - Dimobi 0 Comments
    Dimobi has been Featured in Forever Manchester Calendar

    We are glad to announce that we have been featured in Forever Manchester Calendar. Thanks to our volunteers for the hard work and 

    we owe this to your endless support.

    Forever Manchester is a  charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester and they  believe

    that connected communities make stronger, happier communities. They have been avital partner to Dimobi as they have given us funding to

    support our activities with North Manchester.

    To read the article click the link below

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