Dimobi at Manchester Wellbeing Meeting 22/11/18

Dimobi Received Award from Manchester Be Proud Awards 16/11/18

Dimobi receiving Donation from Aurora 20/10/18

Dimobi At the Royal British Legion 19/10/18

Dimobi Parents Forum Safeguarding Training 16/10/18

 Parents' Champion 10/10/18

Dimobi Parents' Forum 09/10/2018

Dimobi at Yes event 05/10/2018

 Dimobi Summer event 30/09/2018

Dimobi at Afruca 28/09/18

Dimobi Coffee Morning with the Lord Mayor of Manchester and Contact Family 11/09/19

Dimobi Women's Workshop 07/09/19

Dimobi Parents Forum 04/09/19

Dimobi Award Winning Organisation of the Year

Raising Awareness to Young People at Suko Moyo Mackenzie Foundation

Raising Awareness in the Asian Community

Parents Forum with the Peace Foundation 15/08/18

Dimobi Workshop 10/08/18

Rochdale Canal Clean Up 04/08/18

Dimobi Parents Meeting 31/07/18

Group Forum at YES 26/07/18

Dimobi Parents Forum 24/07/18

Dimobi at Manchester TV 24/07/18

Dimobi Outreach Team 20/07/18

Dimobi Parents Meeting 17/07/18

Dimobi Parents Forum 11/07/18

Dimobi Trust with Lord Mayor of Manchester at the Moss Side Powerhouse

Dimobi Engagement Workshop: Meet Your Concillors with Cllr. Paula Appleby and Cllr. Ollerhead 30/06/18

Dimobi Parent Forum 22/05/18

Dimobi Parent Forum Coffee Morning 26/07/18 with CAHMS

Meeting with Lord Mayor of Manchester

Fundraising at ASDA Humphrey

Dimobi Parents Coffee Morning 10/05/18 at Google Garage Manchester

Dimobi Workshop Meet The Councillors

Lord Mayor of Manchester Event

Dimobi Fundraising Dinner Event

Dimobi Children Disability Trust at One Manchester in Gorton

Dimobi volunteer training

Dimobi Parents Forum Coffee Morning with Manchester City Council Local Offer, Early Help, Talbot House, Short Break, Engagement Team and many more 24.05.18

Raising Awareness at Manchester Royal Infirmary Children's Hospital - 15.05.18

Dimobi Parents Forum Activity Session - 04.05.18

Dimobi Parents Workshop with other organisations - 24.04.18

Dimobi Outreach Team with Councillor Carl Supporting Family to School Meeting - 20.04.18

Dimobi Children Dancing Session

Dimobi CeeBee Foundation Training

Dimobi Coffee Morning

Dimobi Workshop

Dimobi Parents Forum - 10.04.18

Dimobi  Easter 2018

Dimobi  Women's Day 2018

Dimobi Parents Training workshop

Raising Awareness at Camperwell Park School to Parents

Dimobi Parents at Talbot House Fundraise Event 13.03.18

Dimobi Parents Forum 06/03/18

Dimobi Coffee Morning with Lucy Powell MP and Councillor June Hitchen Deputy Lord Mayor of Manchester 13/02/18

Dimobi Parents Forum with Manchester University Museum 06/02/18

Dimobi Parents at Wonderfully Made Community Event 06/02/18

Fundraising at ASDA Eastlands 03/02/18

 Dimobi Parents  Safeguarding Training 30/01/18

Parents  Training 

Dimobi Women  Event 13/01/18

Dimobi Community Engagement Event 25/01/18

Dimobi Forum 16/01/18

Dimobi parents Forum with wonderful made woman Charity. Talking about self confidence 28/11/17

Parents Forum with Lisa Hamilton from Manchester College on 28/11/17

Dimobi Parents Forum  21/11/17

Parents Forum  14/11/17

Dimobi raising awareness at Church of England 13/11/17

Dimobi Children Disability Trust at Briscoe Lane Academy School doing craft with parents on 9/11/2017

Dimobi Parents Forum 7/11/17

Dimobi Children Disability Trust Event   4/11/17

Dimobi Parents Forum 30/10/17

Dimobi  Community  Event 29/10/17

Dimobi Raising Awareness at lnsipiration Women in Action 28/10/17

Dimobi  Women Workshop 21/10/17

Dimobi Raising Awareness at Yes Annual General Meeting 19/10/17

Parents Meeting 24/10/ 2017

Bag Packing 7/10/17

Dimobi Parents  Forum with Deputy Lord Mayor 3/10/2017

Dimobi Parents Forum 26/9/ 2017

Dimobi Workshop 19/9/ 2017

Dimobi Parents Forum  9/9/ 2017

Dimobi Parents Forum  1/8/2017

Dimobi Parents Forum with Contact Family on 20/6/ 2017

Great Get Together on 18/6 2017

Dimobi Parents Forum 6/6/ 2017 

Bagpacking Asda Eastlands

Dimobi women Prayer Group

Dimobi  workshop

Bagpacking Asda Harpurhey

Dimobi Parents Forum with our Councillor

Raising Awareness in our Community

Dimobi Children Disability Trust Launch

My Life With Autism - A video on the challenges as an Autistic Child