About Us

The Dimobi Children Disability Trust was founded in 2016 by   Dr Sherita  Mandongwe upon the realisation of a general lack of awareness surrounding the needs of children with learning disabilities and/or autism have the best start in life ,specifically within  different backgrounds and beliefs in the United Kingdom. For parents, admitting that a child has a disorder can be a major problem. 

Eliminating Stigma

In addition, cultural and religious stigmas associated with children with disabilities preclude some parents from seeking professional help for their disabled children at the earliest opportunity. This results in the marginalisation of children with disabilities, which ultimately affects their health and wellbeing in later life..

Training and Education

At Dimobi, we aim to fill the skill gaps that exist among agencies and staff working with all children and their parents, through the provision of a range of specialised services for statutory and non-statutory agencies in the region. We seek to tackle the prevailing issue of denial within some of our communities, and the reluctance of some parents to seek early intervention for their children.

Fighting Denial

Denial is a major problem faced by most parents in the community. It can result in setbacks for all children with disabilities. Raising a child with learning disabilities is often challenging, financially, emotionally, and physically. With the increasing number of children with learning disabilities residing in our area, it is more important than ever that they are able to access support services.

Parents have their own cultural and religious beliefs when it comes to disability. As a result, our trust seeks to work in partnership with a range of religious and faith-based organisations to raise awareness of the importance of promoting the health and well-being of children with learning disabilities and/or autis.

Early Intervention is Key

We recognise the importance of early intervention as crucial in reducing the occurrence of emotional and behavioural difficulties. There are close links between early disadvantages and poor life outcomes – all of which can be broken by providing all children, regardless of ability, with equal opportunities. For this reason, giving every child with disabilities the best start in life is our highest priority.

Contact our special needs trust, in Newton Heath, Manchester, to volunteer your time or make a donation.