Our Vision

The vision for our centre is to develop planned activities and services, from early help to commissioned input that provides opportunities for families to engage in support. The goal is to change harmful cultural practices and promote positive parenting.

Our vision is to achieve a society in which children with disabilities contribute, are valued, and have their rights respected.

Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to:

  • Equip Parents with Extra Skills and the Confidence to Nurture and Develop their Disabled Children
  • Enable Disabled Children to Have a Happy Childhood
  • Provide parents with support and breaks from the pressures of caring for a child with learning disabilities and/or autism
  • Provide fun activities and support for siblings and young carers
  • Deliver workshops to parents on harmful cultural practices that affect the wellbeing of families
  • To gather evidence that Dimobi provides better access to services
  • To gather evidence that families and communities have greater confidence in engaging
  • To improve the availability and sharing of knowledge and strategies
  • To secure evidence that learning has informed practice
  • To influence the implementation of strategies for putting policy into practice
  • To influence Legislation, Regulation, and Guidance in ensuring the interests of our Trust and families are recognised and met

The Mission

Our mission is to serve as a strong voice for children with learning disabilities and their parents. This includes championing their rights in order to reduce the impact of inequalities. We work to ensure that every child, especially the most vulnerable, are free to grow up safely and with all of the opportunities required to lead a normal, healthy childhood.

Dimobi Childrens Disability Trust works takes an evidence-based approach. Our policy recommendations are backed by robust research. The experience of our practitioners sets us apart. Our work is delivered through the following:

  • Research and Evidence
  • Practice Improvement
  • Policy Influence
  • Partnerships
  • Safeguarding
  • Early Years
  • Education
  • Disability / SEN
  • Education and Learning
  • Health and Social Care
  • Training and Awareness
  • Outreaches
  • Support Children with Disabilities in the Community by Working with Their Parents
  • Developing Cultural Competency in Order to Work Effectively in a Culturally Diverse Society

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