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On Tuesday the 23rd of August 2022, Team Dimobi Children Disability Trust were fully represented at The Monastry in Gorton, Manchester where we recived with great honour, privilege and humility Her Majesty the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service 2022 amongst other worthy recipients. Congratulations to all our Amazing Volunteers and all who have supported us from day one till date, without you it would not have been possible.

A rare achievement for an organisation that is just 6 years old. We promise to continue to create positive impact in lives of the most vulnerable in our communities especially, those young people living with disabilities and their families.

They say that, "reward for hard work is more work" and  at Dimobi we embrace that ethos and principle. We would continue to work hard for children living with disabilities and their families to ensure continued better outcome and to enable them live their dreams.

We are ever so grateful to her Majesty and her team of trsuted public servants for their due dilligience, hard work and finding us worthy of such highly esteemed honour. Also, we are energized and encouraged by such to continue to create awareness about the devasteting impacts of denial by most carers/parents of children living with disabilities, they social stigma facing some of our families and are determined to fight all negative cultural and religious beliefs and errorneous perceptions people with disabilities face within our communities, as we continue to work with all stakeholders to create a better society for all.


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