Happy Me is special needs activities using football as a vehicle to teach life skills to our children and young people, their siblings, and parents alike. We believe that every child deserves to be able to enjoy the fun and learning that comes along with participating in any fun sporting activity.

Our program utilizes fun games to help build up your children’s social skills, confidence, motor skills, coordination, self-esteem, and overall fitness. Our coaches have experience working with children with special needs and can adjust to the pace that our little gems need to make sure that everyone is learning and having fun while having patience, organization, and a calming nature.







Filmmaking Activities enables children and young people to understand how film and moving image (motion pictures) or media texts are made, the process and how imagery is used to make meaning. We encourage them to watch films from a variety of sources, learn camera operating skills, storytelling, scriptwriting, editing, acting, interviewing techniques and inspire them to recreate or make films telling their own stories.









The firstly, it provides them with the physical benefits a space and young person to explore, learn about nature and conservation and to test out new ideas and experiences. Moving in ways that promote their physical wellness. Lifting rocks, climbing over things, running through their imaginary natural spaces all aid their learning process and improves their overall health and mental wellbeing.







Drawing, painting, sketching, creating, and crafting and generally being creative are all good brain exercises for young people. Children and young people are by nature very creative and can use their creative imaginations to make delicate, intricate and complex arts and crafts if allowed to just be creative, be inspired with quick no-prep arts and craft ideas and the right learning resources for them. At Dimobi Children Disability Trust, our arts and craft events present another perfect activity and opportunity for the young people who come to us. At our arts and craft our team of trustees, management, staff, and volunteers ensure that we create such a safe fun environment conducive for their creativity to flow and that is especially good for their imaginations, and to have fun.







Indoor games are mostly calm, entertaining, and knowledge oriented. There are many numbers of educational toys here that help our children and young people to bring out their individuality and creativity. Drawing, painting, singing, dancing, role play, storytelling, art, and crafts are some of the important indoor activities for our young people enjoy at Dimobi Children Disability Trust. It also provides them a handful of new experiences of handling many new situations and the social skills they need towards improving their independence. These experiences will help to build their sense of self-worth, build their confidence as well as interaction and communication skills.







Outdoor play can have significant benefits on children, both physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Playing outside allows children to run, jump, skip, walk and blow off steams of unspent energy that would normally result in acting out, negative and or challenging behaviours. These physical activities, exercise or movements have been shown to lessen the chances of those behaviours, reduce depression and anxiety in some cases and improve children and young people’s mood, health, and overall wellbeing.

At Dimobi Children Disability Trust, we are always encouraging our children and young people to take part in such activities and even encourage their carers and parents to join in using a creative, fun ways to make them all enjoy such and the intergenerational benefits it offers.