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At Dimobi Children Disability trust, we love going to different places for recreational purposes. There are many places that we visited and plan to visit to enjoy with the children/young people and their families and friends. This gives them a great chance for relaxation from their daily monotonous routines. Visiting the Blackpool Zoo was one of such great example, a great place for education in conversation, reconnection to nature, recreation and means of fun and enjoyment for our children, young people and their carers/parents alike.

The children and young people are some times, asked to write about animals or zoos based on pictures on books but with a visit such as we organised to the Blackpool Zoo, their experiences on such activities becomes very strong and vivid as they were able to recall based on their first hand accounts things they saw and what happened and the lives of the animals. It is difficult for the children and young people to write their experiences of a place they have never been to in an essay or any other form.

The Blackpool Zoo is such a place that provided them with an opportunity to observing different types of animals, including birds, and fishes at one place. These animals, birds, and fishes were kept at different places in an attempt to recreate their own habitats in a zoo. Dimobi Children Disability Trust funded over 30 children and their carers/parents to visit the Blackpool Zoo.

We have often planed on go going to different places but we were not able to go due to lack of resources, but we were able to make it happen this summer, thanks to the support from our partners MCRactive, Manchester City Council's #HAF2022 #2022ouryear (Summer Activities). We were overjoyed to see the smiles on the faces of our children, young people and their carers/parents, many of whom testified of never been to Blackpool Zoo and never could have if not for the opportunity our group trip provided.

Such statements and the joy of all that attended that trip brought us a huge satisfaction, as a lot of efforts were put into planning and executing that trip to such a success that it became. We thank all our staff and volunteers for their huge support. 


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