"Being a parent of a child with learning disability and to be part of Dimobi parent forum has been a huge blessing to me and my chidren and the advice and information was so helpful i cant thank them enough.l did not know there's more help out there where you can get free household stuff of which i had no idea of. But Dimobi Children Disability Trust help me for applying all the things you see on the picture.All its brand new and free from different organisation . l was struggling but since l have come in contact with Dimobi a lot has changed in my life.The trip was amazing I just want to say a big thank you to Dimobi Staff and Volunteers because you are my Rock." JESSICA OKORONKO

"Hello my beautiful Dimobi family. I just want to say a very big thank you to Dimobi charity! With the help of Dimobi Childrens Disability Trust. My son Ovie received an Apple iPad. I say God bless you! God will continue to bless your information and advice thank you the founder of Dimobi trust" - Angela Orugbo