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At Dimobi Children Disability Trust, we have continued to work with our sister charity the Dimobi Women's Trust to campaign against all forms of domestic violence as we thrive to support the victims especially, those with young persons living with disabilities.

It is heart renching that some carers and parents who are main carers of young people living with disabilities are having to endure domestic abuse as if, their lives as main carers those amazing young people is not challenging enough.

Experience has shown us that most of the victims are often isolated due to their challenging caring roles, traditional cultural practices, religious beliefs, poor or lack of education, digital and financial illiteracy and often, do not even recognise that they are been abused or are in an abusive domestic situations.

It might surprise you to know that there are men who are facing domestic violence too and these victims often, find it very difficult to open up. But help is at hand for anyone facing domestic abuse of any kind in respective of gender, identity or background. We advocate for them and campaign for zero tolerance to any forms of abuse especially, domestic abuses.

If you are affected by the topic or would like a confidential chat, just call our hotline on 01619375332 or 07449855028.


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